Strange Times and Tall Tales

by Toro Blanco

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The 2nd Toro Blanco Ep


released December 1, 2016

Produced by Wes Easterly and Toro Blanco
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio



all rights reserved


Toro Blanco Cleveland, Ohio

An American Rock and Roll band from the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio.

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Track Name: El Hombre Lobo
The crows are coming to feed
One day they just might come for me No compromise, see, I've made my peace yet there is no song to somber to sing
I'm just a man who has let his heart grow cold

Blowin’ is a horrid wind
Loaded like my trusty Smith and Wesson
Carried by the wheels of sin I'm gonna roll like an aberrant stone
Fear no man for here death’s name is well known

They call him El Hombre Lobo

Woe and hecatomb followed him
Blood flowin’ like the Rio Grande
A big ol’ line and the teeth sink in and before long a tall tale is told Maybe tonight your old lady will come to know

The howl of El Hombre Lobo
Track Name: I Confess
I have a grievance, I must confess But am I the dagger or the black heart that has been run through?

Higher we go, I ain’t coming down Higher we go, what you’ve given me is the inversion of death

The wrath of Venus. The roar of the tides The ground below me reassures before it gives way

The weight of a heavy heart is its emptiness Remains entombed in bitterness Endow your heavy heart, I will carry it Miles came and they went. Then took you from me

I ain’t been sleepin’, can’t get no rest Cherubs conspire, draw back their bows and arrows fall like rain

Higher we go, I ain’t coming down Higher we go, what you’ve given me is some version of death

The weight of a heavy heart is its emptiness Remains entombed in bitterness Don’t mind my heavy heart, I will carry it
Track Name: Vertigo
Should I play my hand?
Or Should I fold?
Should I understand what is unknown?
Jackals surrounding. Clean the bone.
For wisdom isn’t linear within the undertow.

Its vertigo
It’s all I know

From desert sands to fallen snows
Ambitious hands
Search for precious diamonds in the grind
Soon they find
Their mangled minds
Have succumb to stolen eyes
Track Name: Black Heart Blues
Seed I have sown look how you have grown Now the roots go down far beyond my reach Love, it seems, is easily mistakable for misery when you’ve left so much of both in your wake

Peace of soul is a feeling I don’t know, only varying degrees of incomplete
Each road reminds who I’m running from Where I’m going I can’t take you with me

Here at that bottom there’s so much I can’t divulge but these cigarette butts and empties sure can Too busy turning pages to read between the lines Too busy digging graves to find one in which I can lie.

Don’t need reprieve. Don’t want a life dug up from its grave So on I’ll go wide eyed into the unknown I’ll leave a trail of bones so I might find my way back someday One of these days…
Track Name: Midnight in Salem
I’ve found my groovy calling
Sounds like incantation in the wind
Reapers come forth the harvest is beginning
Devour that which we beget

Reborn into this world through song and conflagration
My servants and my keepers
Under the morning star we too have come of season
Come to life upon twelve chimes

Child, cannot stop this conjuring
The owl looks upon our offering
Evil unleashed upon the colonies
Our bodies, mortal, unholy portals

Rites of old and smoking skulls
Its midnight in the colonies
Upon your tongue absorb ambrosia
As it has taken you, it has taken over me
Track Name: Stray Dogs in the Promised Land
I may be an optimistic man but there is what you need, what you have….and then there is what’s for sale Sweet asylum can be had but I don’t have to tell you it’s in high demand I see you wandering out there in the darkness

So you made it to the promised land, a paradise built on quicksand Another poor soul reaching for a burning branch So you best keep clawing and sharpening your wits That which is silenced is that which is forgotten

I’ve got a mind full of caskets, the soul of a stray, eyes like an old dog and a heart like a winter lake I’ve been told how to live, reminded to die while I watch you trample one another on the way to your graves

These are strange times we’re living in. Where thoughts are not for thinking, where madness is sanity and there’s no such thing as home
Track Name: Electric Grave / Cyclops
Kill me with light, bury me in an electric grave Kill me with light, bury me in an electric grave Then I can sing my songs with all the ghosts in the radio waves

Tell the undertaker it’s gonna get loud Electric Grave, I lay my life down

If you don’t see the light, then close my coffin door If you still see with worldly eyes, then close my coffin door and move along Cause women, beer, and clout can float a boat, but oh how I long for land

They told me that I had it made when they thought I was blind
But what I see isn’t hard to define, it’s in your faith that I will find blindness
Build me up a new monument, all knowing and all seeing
and tell me that I am free, tell me the slates been wiped clean, tell me you see